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Parakeet Power was one of the early starters in LED Technology in India. Over the times, Parakeet Power has improved its products and services to suit Indian conditions and meet customer expectations. With its experience over the past many times, Parakeet Power today has LED Lighting solutions for an entire range of functional lighting applications.

As the leading Innovator in the LED lighting Industry, Parakeet Power has a proven track record of helping you to realize the potential business benefits of LED Lighting Technology.

Parakeet Power provides the most versatile, best in class and cost effective LED Lighting solutions for various applications.



Our Mission

  • Our mission is to serve you well and retain your business year after year. For the experienced, we work closely with many volume purchasers such as contractors, electricians, lighting designers, architects, trade show professionals and corporations.
  • We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We consistently strive to find ways to enjoy our environment in a sustainable and ecological friendly way. At Mission LED, we are committed to constant and never-ending improvement in our products and company.
  • To find fulfillment at every step, by continually improving the quality of human life.

Our Vision

  • To become a highly respectful, knowledge based innovative global enterprise in LED Lighting manufacturing segment.
  • We stand for ‘Leadership Position of Excellence’ for our quality products and aim to be a Global player in improving the quality of Human life.
  • We believe that, this endeavor is a continuous process, and strive hard to evolve and excel in every part of our activity. We stand for what we say and what we do, with total commitment driven by our Values and Principles.
  • Our vision sets out the framework and objectives for the future, and directs everyone in the organization towards achieving the set goals.

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