LED Lamps

Old fashioned incandescent light bulbs passed electricity through a fillament thereby heating to the extent of emitting light as a fraction of total power while LED Lamps produce Light by the emission of light energy through a semi-conductor carrying electrical current in the most efficient manner to produce more Lumens per watt.

5 w

7 w

9 w

12 w


Model No. Wattage Rated voltage Base Lumen Packing
LED-LSD05 5 w 220-240V,50Hz B22 450 lm 50Pcs.
LED-LSD07 7 w 220-240V,50Hz B22 630 lm 50Pcs.
LED-LSD09 9 w 220-240V,50Hz B22 810 lm 50Pcs.
LED-LSD012 12 w 220-240V,50Hz B22 1080 lm 50Pcs.

About LED Lamps

India's brightest LED lamps from the makers of LED Lamps. Aesthetically designed and energy efficient LED lamps, a perfect replacement for CFLs. The lamp diffuser is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and is safe to use.

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